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UPS - J series

Online interactive UPS power supply
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UPS - J seriesOnline interactive UPS power supply
Product description
Product overview

Ups-j type power supply is an uninterruptible power supply system with high efficiency, small size, beautiful appearance and advanced and reliable performance. It is a high-quality electronic product specially designed for users of microcomputer systems and precision electronic instruments. When the mains is normal, the ac power output by the machine is regulated. When the power failure or the voltage is too low and too high, it will be powered by the battery in a very short time (10 milliseconds), and the inverter will output ac power to continue to supply the load. Such as in the battery power supply period, the power supply, the inverter in the machine immediately stop the inverter, by the power supply to the load, the charger to charge the battery.

Product characteristics

Simple, compact, generous machine appearance

Ultra wide mains input range

Excellent microprocessor ensures reliable operation

Automatic regulation of mains voltage boost, step-down, stable voltage output

The utility restart function

Output simulated sine wave

Power off charging function

Cold start function

Compatible generator

Technical parameters


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