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Pre-sale service

In order to truly realize "providing uninterrupted power supply support; uninterrupted after-sales service; uninterrupted and stable energy" to users, Hongbao Electric Group Co., Ltd. makes a commitment to the company's product quality and service quality. In line with the service concept of "serving for users, being responsible for users, and making users satisfied", Hongbao people provide comprehensive technical support, pre-sales and after-sales service to users, sales and agents of "Hongbao" power products.

  • Purchasing Consulting
  • Field Service
  • Technologies
  • Custom made
  • Tender cooperation
After-sales & technical services

The product shall be within 18 months from the production date (subject to the date indicated on the product certificate or the product) or within 12 months from the date of purchase (the date of the purchase invoice). Under the customer's normal storage, transportation, maintenance and use conditions. When the product cannot be used normally due to quality problems, Hongbao Electric Group Co., Ltd. promises to provide "Three Guarantees" service.

To provide you with professional, timely and high-quality product support services
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