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Wind power
According to the power of the product, the household appliances and lighting that can run independently can also provide electrical energy for the communication station. For example, the grid-connected controller can provide green energy to the grid.
Industry overview

Facing increasingly severe environmental problems, vigorously developing renewable energy represented by wind power has become a global consensus. In recent years, my country's wind power has entered the stage of large-scale development and utilization, and its installed capacity has become the third largest power source after thermal power and hydropower.

Promoting the development of offshore wind power and complementary utilization of wind power and wind power and hydropower will become the future development trend. In the future, with the large-scale development of offshore wind power and the advancement of technology, the market share of high-power converters will gradually increase, and product configuration solutions such as yaw systems, pitch systems, and converter systems are widely favored by the market.

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