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It is mainly used in computers, precision instruments, testing equipment, communication and broadcasting equipment, automatic control systems, etc. that require high power supply quality in hospitals, bioengineering and other industries.
Industry overview

The annual increase of public hospitals is basically the same
The number of new private hospitals is about 1,000 per year
In 2022, the number of profitable hospitals will be twice that of non-profit hospitals
The country's investment in the medical industry has a compound annual growth rate of 15.2%
The annual demand for low-voltage electrical appliances in the medical building industry is about 4 billion
Product requirements are safe and reliable, efficient and energy-saving, healthy and environmentally friendly

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AC stabilized voltage supply
The stabilized voltage supply (stabilized voltage supply) is an electronic device that can provide stable alternating current or direct current for the load, including two categories of alternating current stabilized power supply and DC stabilized power supply. When the grid voltage or load fluctuates instantaneously, the stabilized voltage supply will affect the load. The voltage amplitude is compensated to make it stable within the standard range of the load equipment voltage.
Voltage regulation/transformation power supply
The voltage regulator is the fourteenth batch of energy-saving products in the electromechanical industry. It uses a manual adjustment handwheel to drive the brush to slide on the surface of the coil, changing the contact position of the brush, that is, changing the ratio of the primary and secondary turns of the toroidal transformer, so as to make the output voltage To achieve smooth and stepless adjustment within the rated range.