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The company has always had a forward-looking understanding of power supply technology, and tirelessly pursues perfect technology and high-quality product quality, enabling us to provide customers in various industries with a wide range of professional solutions and win competitive advantages for customers.
  • Wind power
    According to the power of the product, the household appliances and lighting that can run independently can also provide electrical energy for the communication station. For example, the grid-connected controller can provide green energy to the grid.
  • Architecture
    It is suitable for emergency power supply devices that provide centralized power supply for various lamps such as emergency lighting (including metal halide lamps and sodium lamps) in case of fire in buildings or in emergency situations.
  • IDC room
    Data communication connections, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment, and various safety devices. In the power supply and distribution system of the data center, an emergency power supply device for centralized power supply is provided to escort the continuous, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the data center.
  • Communication
    Inverter products are unattended 24 hours a day to ensure that there is no power interruption after connecting to electrical appliances. It has the advantages of fast strain, lightning resistance, stable output voltage and frequency, strong adaptability and practicability.
  • Medical
    It is mainly used in computers, precision instruments, testing equipment, communication and broadcasting equipment, automatic control systems, etc. that require high power supply quality in hospitals, bioengineering and other industries.