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Leakage Circuit Breaker With Over-current Protection
NC100HLE is applicable to a line of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V for single pole two-wire, 2-pole or 400V for 3-pole, 3-pole 4-wire, 4-pole and rated current up to 40A. It can protect the line and motor from overload and short circuit. It can also be used for infrequent line conversion and infrequent motor start. It conforms with the standards of IEC60947-2.
NC100HLELeakage Circuit Breaker With Over-current Protection
Product description
Main technical parameter
Pole1P+N, 2P3P, 3P+N, 4P
Rated current (A)63,80,100
Rated voltage(V)230400
Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn(KA)6
Rated residual making/breaking capacity IΔm(A)2000
Rated residual action current IΔno(A)0.03,0.1,0.3
Rated residual non-action current IΔno(A)0.5lΔn
Over voltage protection grade280V ± 5%
Applicable conducting wire
Rated current(A)6380100
Nominal cross section of wire mm²162535
Residual current breaking time
ln(A)IΔn(A)Breaking time(s) when equals to rating following
The over-current protection property
Ambient TemperatureInitial StatusTest CurrentExpected ResultExpected ResultNote
40 ± 2℃Cold position1.05In(In ≤ 63A)t≤ 1hNon-release-
Cold position1.05In (In>63A)t≤ 2hNon-release-
Carried out immediately after previous test1.30ln(In ≤ 63A)t<1hReleaseCurrent smoothly
       rises to specified
     value within 5s
1.30ln (In>63A)t<2hRelease
-5~+40℃Cold position8.00lnt≤ 0.2sNon-release-
Cold position12.00lnt<0.2sNon-release-
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