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HB-H6 series

AC drives
HB-H6 seriesAC drives
Product description

The HB-H6 series AC drives is a general-purpose high-performance current vector control AC drive, can implement the control of asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor. HB-H6 has good dynamic character istics and overload capacity with vector control technology and high torque output at low speed. It increases the user programmable function, background monitoring software and communication bus function, and supports multi-kind PG cards. It is used to drive various automation production equipment involving textile, paper-making, wiredrawing, machine tool, packing, food, fan and pump.


1. Support vector-controlled for multi-motor: asynchronism motor, synchronous motor

2. Support multiple types of encoder: differential encoder, open-collector encoder, UVW encoder, resolver

3. Sensorless flux vector control: output 150% rated torque at 0.5Hz when motor is locked-rotor; improve field adaptability, reduce susceptibility to motor, so it can be used for winding application, load distribution of several motor driving same load.

4. High starting torque: provide 150% startup torque at 0.5Hz (without sensor vector control) and provide 180% startup torque at 0.0Hz (with sensor vector control)

5. Quick response: Torque response<20ms without sensor control; Torque response<5ms with sensor vector control;

6. Torque limitation to protect motor: when torque command exceed the max. Torque of motor, the torque of motors are constrained by max. Torque with maximum efficiency and protect the device.


Definition of Model


Single inlet (220V), three outlet (220V)


Three inlet (380V), three outlet (380V)


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