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HBM series

Modular UPS uninterruptible power supply
This product has a wide range of application, providing safe, stable, reliable and environmentally friendly power guarantee for key loads such as data centers, financial centers, government and enterprise computer rooms, medical education and so on.
HBM seriesModular UPS uninterruptible power supply
Product description
Product introduction

Hbm50-600kw is a new generation of 3-in-3-out modular UPS launched by our company. The product adopts digital control, modular design and N+X parallel redundancy technology, and concentrates the most advanced technical achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. It is a benchmarking product in the field of modular UPS.

The product capacity covers each power segment from 50kW to 600kW, which is convenient for users to flexibly configure and step by step investment. It can have 4 parallel machines to 2400kW.

Product characteristics

Technical parameters

Each part of the architecture adopts digital control, with excellent performance, high stability of the system, and self-protection and fault diagnosis ability. Meanwhile, it also avoids the risk of simulator failure, making the control system more stable and reliable.

Adopting advanced three-level technology, the efficiency of the whole machine is up to 96%.

High power density design, 50KW single module size (W × D× H) 440 × 620 × 130mm.

The output can be connected to completely unbalanced load. When the output is connected to unbalanced load, the input current is three-phase balanced, which can balance the load of the three-phase power grid.

High reliability

N+X parallel redundancy design, system availability of 99.999%, MTBF of more than 250,000 hours, to meet the critical load of the power supply system's high reliability requirements; Flexible parallel redundancy allows the system to provide maximum output.

The control system is parallel redundant, and the control mode is decentralized control and centralized management. The centralized control unit is redundant in parallel, and one failure does not affect the operation of the whole machine. The optimized distributed cabinet ensures the safety of parallel connection of the system.

The centralized monitoring module is hot-swappable. When the monitoring module is removed, the system can work normally. The centralized bypass power supply improves the power supply capability.

EPO function, press the EPO button in an emergency can be emergency shutdown; The EPO button is designed to protect against misoperation and has a remote emergency shutdown (REPO) function.

Convenient and flexible

Modular design, composed of 1 to 12 modules in parallel, the maximum power is 600kW, users can gradually input flexible increase the number of modules; Using hot swap technology, the module can be added and pulled out online, achieving "zero" maintenance time.

Short downtime for maintenance. If the number of faulty modules is less than or equal to the number of redundant modules, the downtime is zero. If the number of faulty modules is greater than the number of redundant UPS modules, the maintenance period does not exceed 5 minutes.

The cabinet LCD touch-screen displays rich UPS status, warning information, and fault information. Single module LED display, users can know the working status of the module through the module LED light.

In case of emergency, the UPS can switch to the maintenance bypass power supply, and maintenance personnel can safely repair online.

Intelligent design

The charging current can be set. The battery capacity and charging current configured by users can be set by LCD on the panel to realize the automatic and smooth switching between constant-voltage charging mode, constant-current charging mode and floating charging mode.

Intelligent charging method, using advanced two-stage three-stage charging method, can give consideration to the goal of fast charging and prolong the battery life, save users' battery investment.

Provide a wealth of optional accessories, you can choose to install isolation transformer, distribution board, SNMP card, relay dry contact card and other optional accessories, forming a small and medium power distribution system.

Green design

The 19-inch standard cabinet perfectly matches the equipment room environment and saves the equipment room area.

Parallel units share batteries, greatly reducing the number of battery configurations, users can completely according to the backup time for battery configuration.

External battery number is optional, the user can choose according to need 30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 knots (30-50 optional).

Technical parameters



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