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HB series

Power frequency on-line UPS power supply (single input single output)
Applicable to finance, communication, insurance, transportation, tax, military, securities, energy, education, government, enterprises and other industries
HB seriesPower frequency on-line UPS power supply (single input single output)
Product description
Product introduction

HB series is designed for the financial, telecommunications, insurance, transport, taxation, military, security, energy, education, government, enterprises and other system of network computer room and small smart devices, measuring equipment, industrial automation equipment, precision instruments, such as design of the third generation of pure on-line intelligent UPS power frequency, using on-line double transform topology design, Especially suitable for harsh power grid environment, it can provide high reliable power protection for users' enterprise servers, small and medium-sized LAN, small computer room and other precision electronic instruments. In line with the application concept of stability above all, HB series UPS is undoubtedly your best choice.

Product features

SPWM pulse width modulation technology, IGBT power module and input and output isolation transformer are used to make UPS output a pure sine wave power source with low distortion, which is not disturbed by power grid fluctuation.

Double transform technology and static electronic bypass technology are used to achieve zero switching time. With input and output over voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery over charge and over discharge protection, output overload short circuit protection, high temperature protection and other system protection and alarm functions.

Ultra wide input voltage, frequency range, reduce battery discharge chance, prolong battery life.

Super cold start function, in the case of no power supply, can be full load cold start, to meet the emergency needs of users.

Using instantaneous control mode and effective value feedback control, high dynamic adjustment is realized and waveform distortion is reduced. Fully meet the load jump from 0 to 100%, without switching to bypass, and ensure stable and reliable output.

Ultra wide input voltage, frequency range, reduce battery discharge chance, prolong battery life.

Product features

Humanized interface, man-machine communication barrier-free

The LCD displays the UPS model, input and output voltage, frequency, load capacity, battery capacity, internal temperature, operating status, working mode, and fault status.

Friendly man-machine interface design, using Chinese LCD liquid crystal display, UPS operation status is clear, so that man-machine communication zero distance.

Strong compatibility

The wide input range and frequency range of mains power reduce UPS's requirements on input mains power. It can be compatible with any form of power, including industrial power generation, wind power generation and other applications.

Accurate zero phase synchronization between the output and the power grid can meet the high requirements of synchronization between the power supply and the power grid for many equipment, so as to facilitate the work of rural power grid or small oil-fired generators.

Remote monitoring by intelligent communication tools

RS232 and RS485 communication ports truly achieve multi-purpose communication and remote monitoring. Optional dry contact port. Passive contact is used to effectively monitor the UPS status. The DB9 dry contact port is used to extract major UPS abnormal information from the dry contact.

The optional SNMP card implements 100% remote monitoring and network management, facilitating intelligent monitoring of the UPS, including point-to-point communication monitoring, mid-range communication monitoring, and long-distance network monitoring. The real-time monitoring of UPS operation status and operation parameters is realized. It has automatic paging, E-mail and voice sending functions, and remote power off and off of UPS.

Extremely environmentally friendly

Green rectifier and inverter technology is adopted to provide users with clean energy.

The machine adopts advanced anti-electromagnetic interference technology, in line with international standards, with good electromagnetic compatibility, minimize or even eliminate the electromagnetic interference caused by the equipment.

Technical parameters