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HBD series

Power frequency on-line UPS power supply (three input single output)
Applicable to finance, telecommunications, securities, taxation, transportation, insurance, government, building lighting, road traffic lighting, electric power, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.
HBD seriesPower frequency on-line UPS power supply (three input single output)
Product description
Product introduction

HBD series three input single output full digital UPS, is the use of advanced microelectronics, power electronics, digital control technology, set digital, information, network into one of the highly intelligent products, with powerful information acquisition system, signal processing system, monitoring system and perfect protection system; Widely used in various electrical environments. Personalized design, friendly man-machine interaction function, intuitive Chinese screen and status indicator monitoring interface, easy to operate, use and maintenance.

Product features

Intelligent digital control technology

Intel high-speed microcontroller and programmable logic devices are used to realize circuit control, parameter setting, operation management, advanced self-check and self-detection functions, which can self-check and fault analysis of all independent circuit connections on the circuit board. You can trust the digital transformation of sine wave voltage, and the perfect operation of the new solution: to meet your actual needs.

High efficiency of the IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)Inverter technology

GBT good high speed switching characteristics; With high voltage and high current operating characteristics; The voltage type drive requires very little control power. The sixth generation IGBT has lower saturation pressure drop, higher efficiency and higher reliability of inverter.

Superior load characteristics

Fully meet the load jump from 0 to 100%, without switching to bypass, and protect the output stability and reliability.

Humanized large LCD display in Chinese and English

Large screen Menu in English and Chinese, flow chart running status intuitive display, flexible human-machine dialogue function. Intuitive LED status indicator, workflow status indicator, at a glance.

High performance dynamic characteristics

Using instantaneous control mode and effective value and other feedback control, not only realized high dynamic regulation, reduce the output voltage distortion.

Perfect protection function

Input/output over-voltage and under-voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery low-voltage protection, output over-protection, over-temperature protection and other system protection and alarm functions.

Intelligent battery management

Intelligent battery charging: Automatically adjusts the battery charging parameters according to the user's battery configuration, and implements equalized floating charge conversion and temperature compensation charge and discharge management based on the power supply environment. Prolong the life of the battery and reduce the burden of the administrator.

Use 6 pulse (12 pulse optional) rectifier charger and add input harmonic filter

Effectively suppress the input harmonic pollution, improve the UPS power input power factor, reduce the input harmonic current.

Intelligent monitoring

RS232 and RS485 communication ports truly achieve multi-purpose communication and remote monitoring. Optional SNMP card for remote monitoring and network management; Optional dry contact port. Passive contact is used to monitor the UPS status.

Technical parameters


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