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HBGS series

High frequency on-line UPS (three in, three out)
Widely used in network management center and computer center, banking and securities, tax, communications, postal, radio and television, public security, transportation. Power, medical, industrial control, defense and other important data fields.
HBGS seriesHigh frequency on-line UPS (three in, three out)
Product description
Product introduction

HBGS series fully embodies the essence of hongbao's cutting-edge technology, the whole machine adopts the world's most advanced DS P digital control technology and ultra-high frequency control technology, to create a small size, light weight, high efficiency; Zero conversion design and pure sine wave output technology ensure that the user equipment is suitable for a variety of devices. The unique AC-DC conversion circuit is used to detect the output current and output voltage of the mains. Through the high-frequency pulse width modulator, the current waveform of the input power is consistent with the voltage waveform phase, so as to achieve a high input power factor of more than 95%. Under normal circumstances, the DC voltage of DC bus is obtained through ac-DC circuit, and then converted into AC output by inverter. The power supply used by all loads is pure sinusoidal wave power that has been stabilized by voltage and frequency and filtered out noise. Excellent IGBT is used as a power conversion element. Due to the high frequency switching characteristics of IBGT, the UPS inverter can operate at a frequency of up to 40KHz. The efficiency of the inverter is improved, and the efficiency of the WHOLE UPS is also improved. So HBG series UPS directly placed in the computer room will not affect your work. Hongbao online HIGH frequency HBG series UPS connects UPS with network server through RS232 communication interface and hongbao power monitoring software to provide power status at any time. And the realization of automatic self-check, automatic storage, automatic timing switch machine and record power status and other intelligent functions, to achieve human-machine communication zero distance. When the mains is interrupted, the UPS notifies the server to prepare for the shutdown, automatically saves all data to a disk, and runs the shutdown command to ensure data security even in an unattended network environment.

Product features

True online dual conversion

DSP technology ensures high performance

The output power factor is up to 1.0

ECO mode provides energy saving effect

Emergency Power Shutdown (EPO)

Compatible generator

SNMP+USB+RS--232 multiple monitoring

The three-stage expandable charging design optimizes battery efficiency

Adjustable battery quantity for long - term model

Built-in maintenance bypass switch for easy maintenance

It can operate at most 3 parallel machines

Optional isolation transformer

Optional 7-inch touch LCD screen

Technical parameters