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control transformer
BK(DK)control transformer
Product description

BK series machine tool control transformer is suitable for circuit of 50-60Hz, voltage up to 500V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances, local lightings and indicator lamps.

Structure character

 According to different structures, BK transformer belongs to shell type, andaccording to the installation mode, it belongs to vertical type.

Working environment

1. Ambient air temperature: -5C~+40C, the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +30℃;

2. Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m;

3. When the ambient air temperature is +40℃, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%, and it allows higher relative humidity under lower temperature. Maxaverage humidity in the dampest month is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature of this month is + 25℃, and condensation on the product surface caused by temperature change should be taken into consideration.

Model Implication


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