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microcomputer intelligent sine wave inverter
Supply emergency power to: vehicle,vessel,solar power, wind power, areas without electricity, and power tools, fluorescent, TV,microwave,computers, and other electrical appliances
HBC-DZP(HBC-PSW)microcomputer intelligent sine wave inverter
Product description

HBC-DZP series microcomputer square wave inverter is one of the most advanced DC-AC inverters, uses microcomputer control, humane design, highly automated. Inside is designed with high power synchronous rectification charger, charging under the voltage andcurrent limiting mode, keeps the battery always have sufficient power. It charges the battery when connected with power grid or power generator, and supply power to AC load through inverter at the same time; When the AC power is interrupted, the inverter automatically convert AC to DC battery power to the load. It is simply, stable, no noise, no pollution etc.

Input AC Voltage220V ± 10%
Output AC Voltage220V ± 10% (effective value)
Output Frequency50Hz ± 0.5%
Output Waveformsine wave
Energy conversion rate≥75%
Switch method≤3s
Emergency back-up timedepends on the capacity of battery and power of load, formula is as follows
Invert back-up time(h)=技术参数.png 
Batteryexternal battery
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