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"Guangzhou on the cloud, mutual benefit in the world" Hongbao Power Co., Ltd. conducts "cloud live broadcast" for overse

"In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the development of my country's foreign trade is facing unprecedented challenges. In extraordinary times, extraordinary actions should be taken." As the "barometer" of import and export trade, the Canton Fair has adopted the form of "online transactions" this year, allowing many Foreign trade enterprises that are used to participating in traditional booths have changed their way to communicate with foreign customers and obtain overseas orders. This year's Canton Fair, with the theme of "Canton Communication on the Cloud, Mutual Benefit to the World", will make full use of digital technology to display new products of Chinese and foreign companies on the cloud, and create new business opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. During the period from June 15th to 24th, many global debuts and Canton's first products were unveiled, and the "three-self and one high" products continued to increase. Hongbao Power Co., Ltd. has made a new appearance in the "Guangzhou Cloud" after active and careful preparations.

Since the establishment of Hongbao Company in 1985, after more than 30 years of continuous development, customers have been facing all over the world. The official website of the Canton Fair - Hongbao Company website has company profiles and product information: covering voltage regulators, variable frequency transformers, inverters, chargers, circuit breakers, relays, power adapters, measuring instruments, connectors, Electronic components, optoelectronic devices and a series of products. At the same time, a live broadcast room was set up on the exhibitor trading platform of the Canton Fair, and the company's foreign trade business manager introduced the company's products to customers around the world.

Global tourists who participate in the online Canton Fair can experience the whole picture and production workshop of Hongbao Company through virtual visits, and fully understand the relevant performance and business capabilities of Hongbao Company's products. Through the live broadcast, online visitors can see the "host" introduce the company's main products in front of the camera in fluent English, so as to understand the basic knowledge, performance and professional solutions for different applications of regulated power supply. In addition, during the exhibition, online visitors can communicate with the company's foreign trade salesmen in real time or make an appointment to negotiate, and the company's representatives will provide 24-hour consultation for attendees from all over the world.

This time, the online Canton Fair helps Hongbao Company to obtain orders and secure the market, which is conducive to promoting "global sales of Hongbao products", promoting cross-border trade facilitation, and creating a good cross-border e-commerce atmosphere. Hongbao hopes that through this online Canton Fair, it will vigorously develop foreign trade live broadcasts, expand customer acquisition channels, allow more customers to understand the company and products, further open up sales channels, and strive to continue to grow steadily amid the epidemic.