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Centennial Birthday of the Communist Party of China - Remember Hongbao Company's Search for the Red Mark Activity

      In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on June 23, representatives of party members of Hongbao Power Co., Ltd. participated in the search for the red mark organized by the party branch of the Wenzhou Women Entrepreneurs Association.

This activity firstly carried out a party history learning activity with the theme of "Learning History   Promoting Enterprise Development". Lin Kefu, President of the Party Affairs Workers Association of the Two New Organizations in Wenzhou City, gave lectures to the comrades who attended the meeting. Chairman Lin described the process from the establishment of the party organization, the germination of early revolutionary ideas and the development of revolutionary activities, to the arduous exploration and twists and turns after the founding of New China, and the rapid development of modernization after the reform and opening up. Through the in-depth explanation of President Lin, let us understand the importance of learning the party history. Learning the party history is to learn the ideals and beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors and outstanding communists, and stick to the spiritual pursuit of the communists; it is to learn the advanced ideas and theories of the party. Innovation; is to learn the history of the Party's close contact with the masses.

After learning the party history, all the staff went to visit the Wenzhou Revolutionary History Memorial Hall. From the 551 pictures and 208 revolutionary cultural relics displayed in the exhibition hall, every historical process of Wenzhou's new democratic revolution from 1919 to 1949 was presented. Recognize that the revolutionary struggle in southern Zhejiang has a long time, wide scope, deep influence and great contribution. Let us keep in mind the history, cherish the present, and create the future, and let us who were born in the era of peace feel the smoke of the war era, and let us cherish today's life in a harmonious living environment.

This visit to the red mark activity allows everyone to experience the struggle, development and growth of the Communist Party of China, and deeply appreciate the great feeling of the Communist Party of China, which is dedicated and sacrificed for the country, the nation and the people. History educates us, inspires us, and inspires us to think about ways to develop our careers. From the history, we have glimpsed the development track and determined the development direction; from the revolutionary enthusiasm of our ancestors, our soul has been washed and our pursuit has been sublimated.