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The 125th Canton Fair was successfully concluded
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At the closing press conference of the 125th Canton Fair, centering on the goal of establishing a strong economic and trade power

 in advance by the Ministry of Commerce, adhere to the concept of new development, comprehensively enhance the level of globalization,

 specialization, market orientation, and information application, promote the high-quality development of the Canton Fair, and make a 

contribution to the building of a powerful economic and trade country. This time attractive more than 25,000 exhibitors, about 200,000 buyers。

Hongbao Power Supply Co.,ltd., which has participated more than 10 years of Canton Fair, has brought various products independently

 developed and patented with intellectual property rights to customers from all over the world, such as automatic voltage regulator,

 uninterruptible power supply, frequency converter, AC/DC power supply, storage battery, charger, circuit breaker, soft starter, lighting

 and all kinds of low voltage products. Among them, the non-contact compensated power supply for industrial automation equipment 

is particularly striking, which attracts many customers to come into deep communication. Under sharp foreign trade situation, Hongbao

 Power Supply is actively exploring new survival rules and insist explore new market strategies. We actively respond to the strategy of 

"one belt and one road", initiate to open up emerging markets while increasing product innovation and brand building and saving new 

competitive advantages. The exhibition focused on exploiting new markets such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and achieved 

remarkable results.

On the fair, Indian customer saw the samples we showed on the booth, immediately decided to booking the ticket to our company

 for inspection after seeing the product exhibition. After on-site investigation and testing of the product in our production workshop,

 we have reached a cooperative intention.

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