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2012 annual award Conference Hongbao electrical group
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Washington: January 28, 2013 at five o'clock in the afternoon, Hongbao electrical new elegance holiday hotel group in the capital held a "2012 annual award Conference" meeting was chaired by Xia Weimin, Director of the Office, attending this meeting were supervisors of the company Wang Lihui, Vice President Zhang Guoxiang, Deputy Fang Konghui, sales and related department heads and staff from the company.

Along with majestic majestic national anthem, officially kicked off the meeting, supervisors Wang Lihui made an impassioned speech to the General Assembly, on behalf of the company heartfelt thanks to contribute to the company's staff and their families. Company Executive Vice President Zhang Guoxiang on Assembly made has "clear direction firm confidence together accelerated development for full achieved company across type development strategy planning and target and efforts struggle", report in the pointed out that: company all employees should Rob caught history opportunities, enhanced urgency, improve consciousness, highlight strategy focus, clear main direction, in innovation in the promoting change, in change in the conspiracy to development, further upgrade hung treasure of integrated competition capacity and sustainable development capacity, for Hung treasure of development storming grams difficult, and constantly enterprising, and Write a new chapter of harmonious development! achievements honored a group of outstanding employees on behalf of the Conference, delegates listened to representatives of advanced units, excellent staff who position statement.

2012 annual work Review Conference came to a close in a warm atmosphere. The new journey, new start, new opportunities, new challenges, new developments are waiting for us, and let us join the future, full of gratitude, confidence and swagger into 2013, realize the Grand goal of Hongbao!

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