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Hongbao group successfully passed the "three in one" management system audit
UPDATE:2013-01-08 16:49:01  HITS:1821
Washington: December 30 Beijing NGV Certification Center experts on the company's quality, environment, occupational health and safety "triad" of certification audit the management system and occupational health and safety is the initial audit.
Charge Zhang Guoxiang, General Manager of the company with the relevant department heads, accompanied by audit. Expert group in lasted 3 days of audit in the, according to ISO9001-2008, and ISO14001-2004, and OHSAS18001 audit guidelines, respectively on company each sector and company involving production of products from duties, and target indicators completed situation, and design development, and production manufacturing, and process, and after-sales service, of implementation planning, and not qualified products control, and environment factors, and dangerous source, and human resources, and legal regulations, aspects for has seriously detailed to audit. Group also examined the service live, and with company leaders and audited detailed communication system the Department is performing. Group "management approach", "realization of", "resources" and "system continues to run," and company "three systems" a highly effective operations and continuous improvement. They agreed that: the outcome of the company's quality and environmental management system has been maintained and further improved; self-improvement mechanism for occupational health and safety management system has taken shape, "three system" management is adequate, appropriate and effective, embodies the principle of "continuous improvement" management philosophy, and ensures that the management policy and objectives to achieve.
The audit team leader Choi at the end of the meeting on behalf of the Group of experts solemnly announced that all the staff of the expert group unanimously agreed that the times "three systems" audits go smoothly. General requirements for managers at all levels need to take seriously the issues raised by the expert group and recommended that timely development of appropriate and effective corrective action and implementation plan, led by the Department Manager, accountability unit is responsible for the implementation, efforts to reform. By using an external examination of the favorable opportunity, and constantly improve the management system, actively promote the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system continued and effective operation.

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