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"Hongbao" highlighting results--Hongbao company exhibit 106 Canton fair
UPDATE:2009-11-14 11:09:58  HITS:3808

October 15 five-day 106 Canton fair finally pull back the curtain, hung in the fair the company achieved positive results. Due to unique booth design, leading product focused and team quality of service, our products are favored by many foreign traders. Many merchants have expressed purchase intent on the spot and signed a letter of intent for product sales. Iran customers HASSAN AMIRI SOURI of AMIRI TRADING CO,LTD through this fair to my company's products are of great interest to our company and site visits has doubled, and quite satisfied with the result, signed a letter of intent on the spot and established a long term partnership. After the five-day show to let more foreign businessmen to understand our company, familiar with the products of our company, also opened up more international markets for our company, "Hong Bao" brand's reputation in the world is more vocal.

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