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Hongbao Eighth Electrical Cultural Festival
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Colorful red lanterns, the streets of distinctive Billboard, liushi spring dress up beaming. On February 14, the Chinese electrical industry event of the biggest, most professional audience--VIII electrical cultural festival and international electrical products Expo in China "all electric" liushi opened. Hongbao electrical Corporation attended the exhibition, and have achieved good results.

Hongbao electrical is a well-known manufacturer of power supply, this exhibition is displayed: emergency power, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, batteries, switching power supply, high efficiency power supply independently developed products with independent intellectual property rights, have received a number of patents.

During the exhibition, Hongbao electrical every Hongbao people present with friendly service and professional technical explanations, to serve every guest come to consult, and preliminary cooperation intention with a number of enterprises, get high marks.
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