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Hongbao 104th Canton fair
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October 15, 2008-19th, the 104th Canton fair phase I "Electronics and household appliances", "hardware", the "mechanical" 7 Canton fair pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou commodity exhibition kicked off official.
Join Hongbao for this session of the Canton fair company has 6 special booth construction, export sales team of 12 people to participate in the exhibition, a total of regulated power supply, low voltage electrical, batteries, green energy four categories with thousands of products on display ... In just five days of exhibit time, export staff hosted a procurement on behalf of the company and potential clients from around the world, fully demonstrated the Hong Bao to forge ahead, creating electric gem of the entrepreneurial spirit. Regulator power, low voltage electrical as company years operating project, participating during met has new old customer, promoting each other cooperation, in-depth discussion future total win programme; battery, new energy exhibition more is packed, company new development of wind generator group response green energy trend, its fashion of outside type, novel of style deep attract has Europe developed of buyers, potential cooperation project total reached more than 2 million dollars above.

The background of the global financial crisis, this session of the Canton fair attendance and the overall prosperity than ever before, Hong Bao, but the company insisted road of export, is committed to leading enterprise vision did not change the power supply!

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