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UPS-SL backup lntelligent network type uninerrupted power supplyClass: UPS

          UPS - SL backup  intelligent  type  uninterrupted  power supply  ( Square  wave  output)has  RS232 interface to PC. Which is installed with our special software to monitor the UPS-SL operation . If the battery voltage is low to critical level. ) The PC will make count-down indication and run the processing programming for the UPS-SL,that is  counting  down  to zero , store date automatically and shut  down  the UPS and PC. So, the UPS-SL features  high  reliability  with  the  function  of  dealing  with unexpected  power  off  and  shut  down  processing  .If  really  is  a ideal power supply for computers & peripheral electronic equipments.

Function (UPS-L backup lntelligent network type uninerrupted power supply)
● CPU microprocessor control, monitor the UPS and battery state automatically
 Power management software, graphical display
 AVR high accurate and full voltage and frequency stabilization,  wide input voltage range
 Soft start, and distinguish the frequency of power network automatically (50/60Hz)
 Perfect protection function (over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, short circuit, battery low limit) 
 Intelligent battery control and computer communication function
 Intelligent sound indication and LCD display
Technical spec (UPS-L backup lntelligent network type uninerrupted power supply)
 lnput voltage Single-phase tow-wire 130-280V
 Range of voltage regulation 140-265V
 Output voltage 220V±5%
 rated capacity 650VA 1300VA
 Output max load 500VA 1000VA
 Power factor 0.7
 Output frequency 50/60Hz±1%
 Battery type 12V/7Ah/12V/7Ahx2
 Environment temperature -5℃~40℃
 Environment humidity 10%-90%(No condensation)
 Noise ≤45dBA
 NW(kg) 6.75kg 11kg
 Outine size (mm) 385 x135 x210 410 x165 x255
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