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UPS-HB power frequency online HB series UPSClass: UPS
This series runs in online sine wave made with isolating output transformer, input  under - voltage, over - voltage protection , output under-voltage,over -voltage, over load, short circuit protection. It features high stability , noise filtering and strong over loading. The specially designed static change - over switch  makes  the  zero  transition offers real Uninterrupted power supply. The computer monitoring is optional.
Performanch parameter (UPS-HB power frequency online HB series UPS)
 lnput voltage 220V± 25%
 lnput frequency 50Hz/60Hz± 5%
 Control mode SPWM
 Output waveform Sine wave, THD <3%
 Output voltage accuracy 220V± 1.5%
 Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz± 0.5%
 Output transient response ±4% (100% load varies)
 Output wave crest ratio 3: 1
 Output overload capacity 120% rated load, turn to bypass within 25s,120%25s
 Output power factor 0.8
 Transition time when power is  off Zero
 Battery type Maintenance-free lead acid battery, 16 12VDC
 Time for supplying power 10 min (Standard), the time can be selected if the machine is a long time delay machine
 Charge time Charge 90% within 7~10h
 Protection function Protection against overload, short-circuit, battery under voltage
 lndication Status Normal commercial power (Green lamp) , normal inversion (Green lamp), bypass
(Yellow lamp), short-circuit or under voltage (Red lamp)
 Sound alarm When commercial power is off or too low, it will sound for once every 4s; when the battery
is under voltage, it will sound for once every 1s; when the fault shows or battery is used
up, it will sound continuously.
 lnterface to computer 9-pin D type connector (Optional part)
 Environment Temperature: 0~40 , relative humidity: 95%(no condensation)
SPEC&MODLE (UPS-HB power frequency online HB series UPS)

Model Outline size(cm) NW(kg) Model Outline size(cm) NW(kg)
1-inletand 1-outlet 1KVA 55× 27× 70 42 3-inlet
10KVA 76× 55× 104 190
2KVA 55× 27× 70 60 10KVA 76× 55 ×104 195
3KVA 67× 27× 72 70 15KVA 76× 55× 104 228
5KVA 67× 27× 72 95 15KVA 76× 55× 104 228
6KVA 67× 27× 72 100 20KVA 72× 56× 116 281
10KVA 60× 31× 87 120 20KVA 78× 58× 115 350
15KVA 45× 55× 95 203 30KVA 72× 56× 116 317
20KVA 72× 56× 116 256 30KVA 78× 58× 115 420

RS232 communication interface
By means of using RS232 digital communication interface together with HOSSONI monitor software (Optional part), it can
realize zero distance communication between human and machine with the help of computer. 
Supply power for long time
Adopting charger with strong ability, adding battery at user's requirement and prolonging the reserve time, it is special for area 
where appears lack power supply for long time.  
Concentrated control panel
You  can  see  UPS  running  situation,  load information, battery power supply clearly on the control panel, while, you can know  
UPS  power  consuming  quality  and  variety  of  application  environment.  Light  touching  type button  with smart  appearance 
can take more convenience to operate, only you press button lightly, the power supply will switch on or switch off.

Flexible panel structure
Two panel structures for customers to choose
Auto sensing
When UPS is turned on, it starts to inspect the elements (Like inverter and battery) and load automatically, in order to find  problem 
in time and prevent any careless mistake.

With quite perfect self-protection design, either UPS overload, short-circuit, over low voltage of battery or high  temperature of UPS, 
the UPS will turn off automatically.

Silencing unit
Considerate silencing function can stop boring alarm sound.

DC turn-on
Unique DC turn-on machine is helpful for full exerting UPS emergency reserve function.  

Sine wave output
Either commercial power or battery power, both of them can output pure sine wave power supply with regulating voltage, constant fre
quency and low distortion, therefore, it is the best power supply safeguard for loads.  

Zero change-over time
When commercial power is off or it is on again, the time for switching between commercial power mode and battery mode is zero.

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