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UPS-D uninterrupted Power SupplyClass: UPS
UPS - D series output PWM square wave in the micro controller controlled mode of online interaction with input under- voltage,surge voltage protection and output over  load  short  circuit  protection . If  features high reliability. With the intelligent monitoring  software ,  it  has  the  function of auto-saving the open documents in the condition of back up power supply and auto-programming shut down in power failure.
Performanch parameter (UPS-D uninterrupted Power Supply)
 Model D500(425VA) D1000(625VA)
 lnput line Single-phase
 lnput voltage 95-145V/175-265V
 lnput frequency 57-63Hz/47-53Hz
 lnverting output waveform Square wave
 Control mode PWM
 lnverting output voltage  precision  120V/220V±10%
 lnverting output frequency 50Hz/60Hz±0.5%
 Output load capacity 425VA:625VA
 Transition time <10ms
 Battery type Maintenance-free lead acid battery 12VDC
 Time of supplying power 4-20min
 Charge time Charge 90%in 7-10hrs
 Service environment Charge 90% in 7~10hrs
 Protection function Temperature: 0~40 , relative humidity: 95%(no condensation)
 Sound alarm Communication port protection against under voltage of input terminal, surge voltage and battery under voltage
 Computer interface to  computer When commercial power is off or too low, it will sound for once every 4s; when the battery is undervoltage, it will sound for once every 1s; when the fault shows or battery is used up, it will soundcontinuously.
 Environment Temperature: 0~40 , relative humidity:95%(no condensation)
 NW(kg) 3.75 (425VA) 4.25 (625VA)
Outline size(mm) 365× 315× 75(The outline size of 425VA and 625VA is the same. )
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