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UPS-B uninterrupted power supplyClass: UPS

Intelligent software can save the open document and shut down computer automatically so as to prevent  the data losing due to the unexpected interruption of power supply. The software is compatible to operating system like Windows 3.1,Windows 95, Windows 98,Windows Nt. Hardware: Consists of 6 all-weather surges and 3 inversion output ports to use power supply to themax avoiding the trouble of adding other sockets .  The inversion with surge protection is free of under voltage, peak, thunder and other power interference, and the battery inversion can run enough time for you to save all open documents. Besides, the internet communication protection port can protect modem, network and computer system.

Technical data (UPS-B uninterrupted power supply)
Capacity 425VA(250W)625VA(375W) All-weather surge
max load
turn to battery output under voltage 95/175VAC Outputterminal (6 terminals) 12A/6Amps
Turn to battery output over voltage 145/265VAC Output waveform Square wave
lnput frequency 57-63Hz/47-53Hz Operatingtemperature +32F-95F(0-35 )
lnverting output voltage 120/220VAC±10% Operating relativehumidity
0~95% no condensation
lnverting output frequency 60/50±0.5Hz Recharge timeof battery 8h after discharging completely
Transititon time <10ms Battery life 3-6years (Depending on discharge
times and ambient temperature)
UPS outputs max load(3Terminals) 425VA(250W)625VA(375W) Running timeof battery 4~20min (Depending on load)
NW(kg) 4(425VA)4.5 Outline size (mm) 310× 70× 75(The outline size of
NW(kg) 4(425VA) 4.5(625VA) 425VA and 625VA is the same. )
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