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PCS solar energy/wind energy intelligent transfer generating setClass: SOLAR & WIND ENERGIES
PCS ( Power Conditioner System ) is a product  developed by our  company cooperating  with  Japanese  enterprise Myway. In Japan, Myway enterprise has rich experience in developing this kind of products, and its PCS products are
sponsored by Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan. 
PCS (Power Conditioner System) is a device used to change DC power supply of solar battery or wind energy into ACpower supply  for  household  appliances. The  output power of solar battery  subjects to change due to sunlight and 
incident angle.  This  PCS  adopts  Myway's  MPPT  (Maximum Power Point Trucking)  control method, to realize the control of maximum power point trucking.
Main functions (PCS solar energy/wind energy intelligent transfer generating set)

The solar / wind generating module captures solar/wind energy and produces direct current (DC). Converter ( power conditioner) converts direct current (DC ) into alternating current ( AC ) for conventional appliances and equipments. 
This  product  can  run  through  incorporated  in a power  network or independently, it also can be used to charge the battery.

Application: used in area without electricity, school, hospital, public assembly hall or private residence and so on.

Technical characteristics (PCS solar energy/wind energy intelligent transfer generating set)
Range of input voltage DC0 600V Power 10KVA
Range for running
of input voltage
DC250 600V Efficiency Above 90%
Input rated voltage DC400V Ambient temperature -10 ~ +40℃
Input rated current DC25A Humidity 30 90%
Output voltage AC380V or AC200V (three-phase four-line) Weight 45Kg
Output rated current AC15.2A Size L570× W480 ×H265
Output frequency  50Hz or 60Hz (distinguish frequency  automatically when incorporated in a  power network) ──── ────
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