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KGCA silicon controlled battery charger adopts advanced synchronous phase control technology, it can test the voltage and current of battery and adopts current limit and constant voltage mode to proceed charging quickly, besides , the high power charger also includes charging timer. Its charging current and voltage limiting can be adjusted steplessly. Its high charging efficiency, high saturation ratio and strong charging power enable it to be suitable for large and middle scale batteries of various voltage and current.
Model & spec (KGCA charger)
Spec Outline size(cm) Spec Outline size(cm)
6-24V/5A 300×400×630 6-48V/10A 300×400×630
6-24V/10A 300×400×630 6-48V/20A 300×400×630
6-24V/20A 300×400×630 6-48V/30A 350×500×750
6-24V/30A 300×400×630 6-48V/40A 400×550×800
6-24V/40A 300×400×630 6-48V/60A 400×550×800
6-24V/50A 350×500×750 6-48V/80A 450×600×790
6-24V/80A 400×550×800 6-48V/100A 450×600×790
6-24V/100A 400×550×800 6-72V/10A 300×400×630
6-36V/10A 300×400×630 6-72V/20A 300×400×630
6-36V/20A 300×400×630 6-72V/30A 300×400×630
6-36V/30A 300×400×630 6-72V/50A 400×550×800
6-36V/40A 350×500×750 6-72V/60A 400×550×800
6-36V/50A 350×500×750 6-72V/80A 450×600×790
6-36V/80A 400×550×800 6-72V/100A 450×600×790
6-36V/100A 400×550×800    
Other specifications can be customized at user's requirement.
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