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KCA fast chargerClass: BATTERY CHARGER
KCA fast charger adopts advanced high frequency switching power supply technology, divides the charging procedure into three stages, I . e. constant current, constant voltage and floating charge, it can charge quickly with high efficiency. With small volume, light weight, full- automatic control and simple operating mode, it is very suitable for minitype motors or low charging power batteries of various voltage.
Model & spec (KCA fast charger)
Spec Outline size(cm) Spec Outline size(cm)
6V/10A 200×100×60 24V/20A 300×220×100
6V/15A 200×100×60 36V/2A 200×100×60
6V/20A 200×100×60 36V/4A 200×100×60
12V/5A 200×100×60 36V/6A 260×160×80
12V/10A 200×100×60 36V/12A 300×220×100
12V/20A 260×160×80 48V/3A 200×100×60
12V/40A 300×220×100 48V/5A 270×160×80
24V/6A 200×100×60 48V/10A 300×220×100
24V/10A 260×160×80    
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