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JMB,BJZ,DG,BZ and DM light control transformerClass: TRANSFORMER
JMB-50 白底
It is suitable for AC circuit of 50~60Hz, widely applied in electronic industry, industrial and mining enterprise, worked as control power supply for usual circuit of machine tool and mechanical equipment and as power supply for safety lighting and indicator lamp.
Model and its meaning

Technical character
  The primary and secondary windings are winded separately, when the secondary one only has one winding, then it takes on all the rated capacity for transformer. If the seco -ndary one accompanied with control, lighting and indicator lamp windings, it will be winded respectively according to each winding capacity. For simplex winding tra -nsformer with center tap, all the center taps capacity should be lower than rated cap -acity of transformer, only the max voltage output terminal can bear the rated capacity.
Working environment
The transformer can work reliably under the following conditions 
1.Altitude should not exceed 2,500m; 
2.Ambient air temperature: -25℃~+ 40℃; 
3.Relative humidity: max average relative humidity of the dampestmonth is 90%; 
4.Places that are free from severe vibration or shock; 
5.Environment exists without explosive medium, gas or conductive dust hat will erode metal and destroy insulation; 
6.Places that are free from rain or snow.
1.Before purchasing, please calculate out the total capacity of electrical appliances that you are using and then choose right transformer, make sure that the transformer will not be burnt during instantaneous starting. 
2.This transformer is designed and produced according to national relative standards strictly. When you apply transformers with multi windings ( multi control voltage), please accord to the voltage ratio to add transformer’s capacity proportionally, so that the transformer will not be burnt. 
3.Before installing please check the data that on the nameplate carefully to see if the specification is what you need, only after confirmed that you can install and put it into use. 
4.After switching on, the iron core and coil of transformer will be heated ( but the temperature rise will not exceed 80℃), it’s a normal phenomenon, once the temperature rise exceeds 80℃, even there is smoke, please cut the power supply and check the capacity of electrical appliances again. 
5.During transportation, try to avoid impact, and far away from damp. During operation, pay attention to maintaining to ensure the transformer’s service life.
Specification and installation size(JMB)
Spec(VA) Rated input 
Rated output 
Overall size(mm)
25 220 6(6.3) 150×160×130
50 220 150×160×130
100 220 150×160×130
150 220 12 160×170×135
200 220 160×170×135
250 220 24 180×170×155
300 380 180×170×155
400 380 36 210×230×175
500 380 210×230×175
700 220 48 218×290×185
1000 220 218×290×185
1500 220 110 260×290×235
2000 220 260×290×235
2500 220 127 280×350×230
3000 220 280×350×230
4000 380 220(330) 360×355×280
5000 380 360×355×280
10000 380 510×430×490
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