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Product features (HBH VERTICAL WIND TURBINE series)
1. Base on Japanese aerospace science and technology studies, developed according  to Japanese exellent aircraft manufacturing technology.
2. New vertical wind turbine produced in China, a combination of Japanese developing technology and Chinese producing technology.
3. Can start rotating at wind speed 0.8m/s. 
4. Can keep working regardless wind direction.
5. Because of environmenalt protection is crucial when disigning, it works with no noise and resonance.
6. Design can be flexible according to installation environment and purpose.
7. Simple construction and light weight give low cost in handling and constructing.
8. Can be installed in small space.
9. The generator is installed on the ground, so that it is easy to do preparation and also do large-scale work.
10. Blades are protected by protecting net from damaging.
Applications (HBH VERTICAL WIND TURBINE series)
According the size of the product's power , it can support independent running home electronics and lighting. Moreover, it can provide power for communication stations, border stations, wind-solar complementary street lights, environmental parks, ecological parks, green schools, ecological villas etc. It can provide green energy to the power grid when combining with grid-connected controller. The above applications can be widely used in areas that is not covedr by power grid but with abundant wind resources, such as islands, grasslands pasturing areas, montains, resorts etc. Furthermore, it also can be applied to commercial facilityies like urban construction, public facilities and the application of enery saving in large medium-sized enterprises.
Development (HBH VERTICAL WIND TURBINE series)
Shape design by Aerodynamice:To solve complicated aerodynamic equation, to design & optimize the shape of the aerofoil and largely increase the efficiency of the vertical axis wind turbine by the strong calculating capacity of computer.
Material & structure analyze:Calculate the intension of each parts under the utmost load and ensure the security of the system based on the Theory of Finite Element.
Generator Design:Using computer in design of generator,which optimizes the interior structure of the generator and increases the efficiency.

Wind tunnel test:In order to validate the calculating results,lots of wind tunnel tests were done. The results show that our products truly and entirely meet the design criteria.
model rated power diameters of rotor blades output voltage size weight(Kg)
HBH200 200W 1.6m 24V Please see 
HBH400 400W 2.5m 24V 21
HBH600 600W 2.8m 24V 22
HBH1000 1KW 3.0m 48V 23
HBH3000 3KW 5m 220V 49
HBH5000 5KW 5.8m 220V 57
HBH10K 10KW 8.0m 380V 80
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