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HBES/P series variable frequency three-phase(power type)emergency power supplyClass: EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

     a.Application: supply variable frequency  three -phase emergency power  supply  for fire facility only  having s ingle  power  supply or  motor  of primary  load ,  to  solve  the  problem of  motor power supply and reduce the impulse to power device during starting. Example: water pump motor, fan motor or other devices motors.
b.Specification range: 2.2KW-800KW
c.Detail specification: 2.2, 3.7, 5.5, 7.5, 11, 15, 18.5, 22, 30, 37, 45, 55, 75, 93, 110, 132, 160, 187, 200, 220, 250, 280, 315, 400, 500KW, etc.
d.Installation: floor type ( standard power distribution box)
Standby time: 120min, it also can be set according todesign requirement.

Design of Five in One
Specification and model description

HBES/P-11KW, variable frequency three-phase emergency power supply, outputs PWM wave, its rated applicable 
motor capacity is 11KW. HBES/P-11KW/SHL, switching unit, its output rated capacity is 11KW. 

1.HBES/P series is only for one-to-one motor, HBES/P series itself contains function of starting through frequency 
2.Automatic switching unit is optional part, HBES/P series EPS itself contains fire response. 
3.The scale between output rated capacitor of HBES/P series power supply and motor load is 1.1, example: 
    a load of 55KW (motor load) uses this power supply, HBES/P-55KW shall be provided for it. 
4.For EPS with same capacity, HBES/P series EPS price is not higher than HBES series EPS.

Schematic diagram of HBES/P series EPS products
Connection and application diagram for HBES/P series EPS
Main technical parameters (HBES/P series variable frequency three-phase(power type)emergency power supply)
Model HBES/P-2.2~500KW
Input Voltage 380 ± 20%
Phase no. Three-phase four-wire +PE
Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Output Capacity 2.2KW~500KW
Voltage 0~380V (adjustable) three-phase four-wire +PE
Waveform PWM wave
Frequency 0~50Hz (Start through inversion and run normally, frequency is adjustable)
Overload capacity 60s for120%; 0.5s for 150%
Battery Maintenance-free sealing battery
Switching time Standard type: 120min (may be set according to design requirement)
Protection Short circuit protection, over current protection, phase failure protection
Display LED
Efficiency Emergency power supply: above 95%;
Running environment Temp.: -24 ~40 Relative humidity:0~90% Altitude: 2,000m below
Applicable load Only for motor loads
Noise Commercial power: no noise; emergency power supply: less than 60dB.
Size/weight See the table of size/weight
The way of opening the door
and incoming wire
Single open of front door, double-open of back door, inlet and outlet wire from bottom (for standard type)
Battery equipping and size/weight table (HBES/P series variable frequency three-phase(power type)emergency power supply)
No. Model Output power
Size of battery cabinet
Battery cabinet(Pcs.) Weight(kg)
1 HBES/P-2.2KW 2.2
----- Battery in the main frame 160(Including battery)
2 HBES/P-3.7KW 3.7
----- Battery in the main frame 340(Including battery)
3 HBES/P-5.5KW 5.5
----- Battery in the main frame 700(Including battery)
4 HBES/P-7.5KW 7.5
----- Battery in the main frame 800(Including battery)
5 HBES/P-11KW 11
----- Battery in the main frame 950(Including battery)
6 HBES/P-15KW 15
800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1280(Including battery)
7 HBES/P-18.5KW 18.5
800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1300(Including battery)
8 HBES/P-22KW 22
800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1740(Including battery)
9 HBES/P-30KW 30
800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1800(Including battery )
10 HBES/P-37KW 37
800×600×2200 2Pcs. 2420(Including battery )
11 HBES/P-45KW 45
800×600×2200 2Pcs. 3350(Including battery )
12 HBES/P-55KW 55
800×600×2200 2Pcs. 3360(Including battery )
13 HBES/P-75KW 75
800×600×2200 3Pcs. 4960(Including battery )
14 HBES/P-93KW 93
800×600×2200 4Pcs. 6570(Including battery )
15 HBES/P-110KW 110 800×600×2200 4Pcs. 6580(Including battery )
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