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FMJ Series Solar Gel BatteryClass: BATTERY
FMJ Series Solar Gel Battery
Product characteristics (FMJ Series Solar Gel Battery)
 Stable performance: adoption of advanced nanometer silica gel materials that forms stable cone-shaped 3D structure after gel forming, no hydration, no stratification of acid liquor. 
      Long service life: the electrolyte of gel battery has polymer structure, the lead powder will not come off easily after gel forming, negative plate will not sulfate, has low-current charging and strong power receiving capacity of under-voltage battery, especially meeting the energy-storing requirements of solar energy system. 
      Excellent low-temperature performance: under low-temperature (-30?) condition, the electrolyte will not stratify, the battery capacity is 30-50% higher than the lead-acid battery of the same specification. 
      Good high-temperature and overcharge performance: the gel battery adopts excessive electrolyte, the battery will not dry out under circumstance of high-temperature and overcharge. 
      Low self-discharge: it adopts stable electrolyte structure, the self-discharge rate of battery is very low, can be put aside for two years without charging. 
      Excellent capacity stability: it adopts colloidal electrolyte of high osmosis, capacity of the storage battery will not be reduced easily.
FMJ Series Performance Parameter (FMJ Series Solar Gel Battery)

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