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FM Series VRLA BatteryClass: BATTERY
FM Series VRLA Battery
Product characteristics (FM Series VRLA Battery)
The trough type turns into guaranteed that the battery achieves 100% capacities, and enables  batteries' equalization to reach the best.
      The high reliable terminal posts dual sealed structures,its anti-impact properties and the sealing property enhance greatly, guaranteed that the electrolyte could not seep out,enhanced the products' reliability.
     Safe reliable,the built-in domestic advanced explosion-proof ponders the sour piece safety valve,has the precise open &close valve  pressure and the explosion-proof,the filtration acid fog function,once over-charging, may release the unnecessary gas, don't cause the battery expansion crack or acid fog spill over.
     Use the high-pure original auxiliary materials and the chemical additive, the special formula electrolyte,makes that the internal resistance is smaller, the high percentage characteristic is better, the ability of charging acceptability is stronger.
     Use the advanced processing technology (alloying technology, plaster of lead craft,electrolyte formula,epoxy to seal ties craft), guarantees the products have good Performance.
FM Series Performance Parameter (FM Series VRLA Battery)
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