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EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supplyClass: EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

          a.Application: supply emergency power for electrical appliances and equipments of 380V/220V, like fire equipment ,  primary  load ,  important  load ,  fire emergency lighting or other loads.

b.Specification range: 2.2KW-800KW
c.Detail specification: 2.2, 3.7, 5.5, 7.5, 11, 15, 18.5, 22, 30, 37, 45, 44, 75, 93, 110, 132, 160, 187, 200, 220, 250, 280, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800KW, etc.
d.Installation: floor type (standard power distribution box)
e.Standby time: 90~120min (standard setting), can be set with standby time according to design requirement.HBES series EPS is designed through cooperating  with  German  experts,  it  adopts integrated  modularization  inverter
manufactured by international  famous  manufacturer,  uses the latest  IGBT  inversion technology , CPU  control,  digital circuit  and high  integration  electronic element, it  is  the  high - tech  environmental protection type patent product  that
supplies the second or third power supply for primary  load,  extra  important  load,  fire  facility,  fire  emergency  lighting and so on.
Main characteristics (EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supply)
Adopt the latest  IGBT  inversion  module and  high reliability integrated circuit, PWM technology, design of  Four in One , simple structure, can supply power for any inductive or capacitive loads, realize fire response, remote control
or floor intelligent control, fire central control; its main parts or elements  use  those  of  international  famous brand with high reliability; and its conductors and equipments  have  the  advantages  of  flame  retardant  property  or  no 
Main advantages (EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supply)
Static state without noise, no smoke, no environment pollution, no risk of fire, automatic switching, realize on-duty without anybody, energy saving, no power consumption  at  non  emergency  power  supply,   stable  performance,  
safety and reliability, long service life, low comprehensive cost and good ratio of performance and price compared with generator unit.
Application (EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supply)
Suitable for electrical appliances of AC 380V and 220V.
Description of specification and model

1.HBES-18.5KW, three-phase emergency power supply, its output of sine wave rated capacity is 18.5KW; 
2.HBES-11KW/SHL, switching unit, its output rated capacity is 11KW. 

1.HBES series is suitable for three-phase, single-phase or mixed electrical appliances, such as lift, water pump, 
   fan, lighting, bond large screen, air condition, office equipment, finance equipment and so on. 
2.Automatic switching equipment is optional.
3.If you need HBES series EPS functions such as fire response, remote monitoring, multi-circuit output, please 
   indicate those when placing an order. 

Design of four in one
Schematic diagram of HBES series EPS products
Wiring diagram of HBES series EPS products
Connection diagram of HBES series EPS products

Main technical parameters (EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supply)
Model HBES-2.2~800KW
Input Voltage 380 ± 20%
Phase no. Three-phase four-wire +PE
Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Output Capacity 2.2KW-800KW
Voltage 380V AC three-phase four-wire +PE
Ratio of voltage stabilization ±5%( emergency power supply )
Waveform Sine wave degree of distortion shall be ≤ 3%
Frequency 50Hz ± 0.5%
Overload capacity Run normally for120% loads
Switching time ≤5s ( From commercial power to emergency power supply)
Battery Maintenance-free sealing battery
Standby time Standard type: 90min (may be set according to design requirement)
Protection Short circuit protection, over current protection, phase failure protection
Display LED or LCD
Efficiency Emergency power supply: above 90%; commercial power: approximate to 100%.
Running environment Temp.: -24 ~40 Relative humidity:0~90% Altitude: 2,000m below
Applicable load Especial for inductive loads and mixed loads with inductance and capacitance.
Noise Commercial power: no noise; No commercial power: less than 55dB;
For above HBES-75kW, the sound reaches less than 65dB.
Size/weight See the table of size/weight
The way of opening the door
and incoming wire
Single open of front door, double-open of back door, inlet and outlet wire from bottom (for standard type)
HBES series EPS battery equipping and size/weight table (EPS three-phase (power/lighting)emergency power supply)
No. Model Output power
Size of main machine
Size of battery cabinet
Battery cabinet
1 HBES-2.2KW 2.2
----- Battery in the main frame 180(Including battery)
2 HBES-3.7KW 3.7
600×600×2000 ----- Battery in the main frame 360(Including battery)
3 HBES-5.5KW 5.5
800×600×2200 ----- Battery in the main frame 720(Including battery)
4 HBES-7.5KW 7.5
800×600×2200 ----- Battery in the main frame 860(Including battery)
5 HBES-11KW 11
800×600×2200 ----- Battery in the main frame 1030(Including battery)
6 HBES-15KW 15
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1350(Including battery)
7 HBES-18.5KW 18.5
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1380(Including battery)
8 HBES-22KW 22
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1860(Including battery)
9 HBES-30KW 30
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 1Pcs. 1900(Including battery )
10 HBES-37KW 37
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 2Pcs. 2620(Including battery )
11 HBES-45KW 45
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 2Pcs. 3570(Including battery )
12 HBES-55KW 55
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 2Pcs. 3630(Including battery )
13 HBES-75KW 75
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 3Pcs. 5340(Including battery )
14 HBES-93KW 93
800×600×2200 800×600×2200 4Pcs. 7220(Including battery )
15 HBES-110KW 110 800×600×2200 800×600×2200 4Pcs. 7320(Including battery )
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