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DZM Series VRLA BatteryClass: BATTERY
DZM Series VRLA Battery
Product introduction (DZM Series VRLA Battery)
 Use the poor fluid design and the tight assembly technique.
       Use the special craft formula, the low temperature and the big electric current discharging performane is good, its performance is advanced level in the domestic, it suits the low temperature area in North of China.
       Use the high-purity raw material and the chemical additive, causes the self-discharge rate of battery reduces greatly when its storage or does not use, the self-discharge rate is lower than for 3% per month. Use the special electrolyte formula, make battery has the good restoration characteristic after deep dischanging.
Charging (DZM Series VRLA Battery)

Recommended three-stage charging method:

Constant-current charging: charging to 14.8V/pc by (0.15C2-
0.18C2)A constant- current.

Constant-voltage charging: continue to charging by constant voltage 14.8V/pc, when the charging current drops to 300mA (10Ah) or 500 mA(17Ah),transfers the trickling charge.

Trickling charging: continue to charging by constant voltage 13.8V/pc, when the charging current drops to the smallest and is stable,and 2hours invariable, the charging is ended.

Discharging (DZM Series VRLA Battery)

Normal using the battery, the maximum starting current should be limited to 1.5 (C is battery's capacity)amps, the normal operating current should be controlled within 0.2C amps, the batteries have been prohibited over discharging.

In order to avoid over discharge,the minimum discharging protect voltage of each battery (12V) is 10.5V. After Battery using (about 65% depth of discharging), we must recharge battery promptly,forbids to discharge or restorage with less saturated Before sufficiently charged.


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